Short Summary

My work is focused on sustainable fisheries management of commercial fisheries and the impacts of fisheries activities on ecosystems.

I am originally from Chile. I did my undergrad at the University of ConcepciĆ³n where I graduated as a Marine Biologist with a Minor in Oceanography and Environmental Quality. After my graduation I worked as a technician and later as a research assistant in the Quantitative Ecology Laboratory of the Trapananda Center at Austral University. This was an amazing experience, where I spent most of my time working on board industrial fishing vessels, analyzing data, and maintaining the data servers.

While working there, I applied and got a Fulbright Fellowship to study Marine Science at UCSB, where I got my PhD in 2016.

When I am not running my models in one of the Clusters at CNSI, or teaching for the EEMB department, I am playing with my kids at home, taking pictures, or surfing at Campus Point, Coal Oil Point or Rincon, the best surfing spots around here.

With my family at Yosemite National Park.